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We welcome you on our site. This site is devoted to the Nukkit project and all that is connected with him. Here you can communicate, download plugins, also many other things get acquainted! Register the account right now :3
I welcome you dear users.
From now on we enter the new methods concerning the section of Resources.
- For the publication of resources it is necessary to wait for him so far now will approve.
- Now after the publication of one your resource your account will be raised to a rank of the developer of 1 level if you publish 3 resources, your account will raise to the developer 2 levels etc., depending on level you will have more opportunities.

- Special tabs with the description, permissions, config which can be completed at once at addition of your resource were added.
- The new group of users which is engaged in check of resources was added.
- The design of the site was processed and new functions are added.

The first moderators of the section Resources become: @imjack @pub4game