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We welcome you on our site. This site is devoted to the Nukkit project and all that is connected with him. Here you can communicate, download plugins, also many other things get acquainted! Register the account right now :3
  1. Tigran Kashapov
    Tigran Kashapov
    Зимним салатом.
  2. nawd
    Making nothing, Just sitting.
  3. Bear Cabbage
    Bear Cabbage
    I am very cute!
  4. Artem Brix
    Artem Brix
  5. augesrob
  6. Человек Сало
    Человек Сало fromgate
    Помоги написать плагин на прозрачную броню
  7. Alexcore
    Hello World!
  8. GamerpuppyxX Mcpe
    GamerpuppyxX Mcpe
    Hi I love mcpe but I have ides for feature updates like:dog breeds:beagle,German Shepard ETC
  9. impact
    Software Developer
  10. Logischerdaumen
  11. Reicito Escobar
    Reicito Escobar fromgate
    Hey dude? your multipass plugin ain't working.
  12. Minecraft Mayhem
    Minecraft Mayhem
    I just posted my world management plugin, Universal! Go check it out!
  13. djkalantzhs24
    djkalantzhs24 Minecraft Mayhem
    Can you tell me where can i find your plugin?
    This plugin that is like bukkit's multiworld.
    1. Minecraft Mayhem
      Minecraft Mayhem
  14. ryoryo
    I'm a Japanese high school student. I'm a beginner about Nukkit, so please take care now.
  15. Quiv
    Quiv fromgate
    Each time my friends try to connect it says server full pls help me (hosted by nukkit)
  16. Felichita_claim
    Вы думаете что я так прост?))
  17. tiNsLeY799
    I don't speak Russian, but I speak Spanish and a little bit of French
  18. Blazed
  19. shanklm
    shanklm fromgate
    Trouble telling me your mailbox!
    I have a languages for chs `````
    1. fromgate
      Hi! You can send me PM on this site.
  20. SDIR01
    SDIR01 BeYkeRYkt
    He is dead? Yep, he is dead...
    1. BeYkeRYkt
      Heroes never die!