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    Need help with new Player()

    Hey how i can create or add a new Player to my Server ? I need it so send a fake NPC a packet. sry my english
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    Change player to a Block

    Hey how can i change player to a Block ? Like Hide and Seek / BlockHunt ?
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    PlayerTransferPlugin :D [Spoiler]

    This is now an old Plugin i made now a ProxyPlugin ^^ Sry my english
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    PlayerTransferPlugin :D [Spoiler]

    Hey i made a Transfer Plugin (Like Proxy) for MCPE :D What do you think ? :) Sry my bad english :/
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    Need help by Permissions

    Ich habe ein problem. The code does not want me to remove the old permission when I give the player a new one. :/ Sry for my english :// public static void initPerms(Player p, String group){ PlayerDatas.loadPlayerdatas(); PermissionManager.loadPermissions(); List<String>...
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    I'm banned on :/

    Hey I'm on I banned not even know why someone can help me ? Sorry for my English :/
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    I need help by the InventoryTransactionEvent

    Ahhh Nice Thx! :) Its work! ^^
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    I need help by the InventoryTransactionEvent

    Player p = (Player) e.getTransaction().getInventories() getViewers is not Aviable :/
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    I need help by the InventoryTransactionEvent

    How can I define the player when InventoryTransactionEvent ?
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    Пользователь LucGamesHD разместил новый ресурс: SpawnEntitys - Spawn different Entitys! Узнать больше об этом ресурсе...
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    Experimental SpawnEntitys - SpawnEntitys

    With this plugin can you spawn Different entitys! And in this Plugin is a API like: Enderman cr = new Enderman(chunk, nbt); cr.despawnFromAll(); cr.spawnToAll(); Pls use "&" for colorcodes! *Sorry my English!* Entitys: Bat Blaze CaveSpider Chicken Cow Creeper Endermann Ghast IronGolem...