Outdated AntiSwear by sdir01 1.1

Detect swearing players and make him hurt.

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  1. SDIR01
    AntiSwear 1.1
    If you were bothered by players who use strong language on your server, yours is listened AntiSwear plugin is provided, thanks to it you can protect the server from foul-mouths and delusioneds.

    For event types see this page https://github.com/sdir01/AntiSwear/blob/master/README.md

    • /antiswear (antiswear.command) [as, aswear, swear] - Show the main command list
    • antiswear.command - Allow you to use antiswear command
    • antiswear.add - Allow you to add custom words in swear list
    • antiswear.add.dictionary - Allow you to add words from completed dictionary
    • antiswear.warnings - Allow you to see player warnings count
    • antiswear.mute - Allow you to disable or enable chat
    • antiswear.bypass - Allow you to bypass the anti swear protection
    ToDo List:
    • Russian translite converter
    • New swear checking algoritm
    • Optimizated code