Outdated Economy by LEET 1.0.1

A highly extensible economy plugin!

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version: 1

symbol: '$'
single: 'Dollar'
plural: 'Dollars'
start-balance: 100.00

amount-invalid: "%red%The specified amount is invalid!"
amount-missing: "%red%You need to specify an amount."
amount-too-high: "%yellow%The amount was higher than the target's balance."
no-permission: "%red%You don't have permission to do that."
own: "%yellow%Your balance is %green%{0} %yellow%{1}"
other: "%yellow%{0}s balance is %green%{1} %yellow%{2}"
too-low: "%red%You do not have enough money."
sent: "%yellow%You sent %green%{0} %yellow%{1} to %green%{2}"
received: "%green%{0} %yellow%sent you %green%{1} %yellow%{2}"
reduced: "%yellow%{0} took %green%{1} %yellow%{2} from you"
took: "%yellow%You took %green%{0} %yellow%{1} from %green%{2}"
given: "%green%{0} %yellow%{1} was given to %green%{2}"
set: "%green%{0}%yellow%s balance has been set to %green%{1} %yellow%{2}"
changed: "%yellow%Your balance has been set to %green%{0} %yellow%{1} by %green%{2}"
rank: "%aqua%Your rank is %green%{0}"
top: "%yellow%{0}. {1} - %green%{2} %yellow%{3}"
missing: "%red%You need to specify a player."
not-exists: "%red%The specified player does not exist."