EssentialsNK 1.1.0

Essentials plugin for Nukkit

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  1. v1.1.0

    • Fixed #22
    • Bump API version to 1.0.5
  2. v1.0.9

    • Fixed a bunch of bugs
  3. v1.0.8

    • Added spawn and setspawn command
    • Korean language
  4. v1.0.7

    • Added essentialsnk.break.bedrock permission
    • Added lost English language texts
    • Changed permissions "other" to "others"
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  5. v1.0.6

    • New command: speed
    • Added essentialsnk.gamemode.other permission
    • Fixed tpall wrong permission
  6. v1.0.5

    • Gamerule: doFileTick, doMobLoot, doTileDroPS, keepInventory, naturalRegeneration
  7. v1.0.4

    • Real vanish (despawn)
    • New commands: Feed, TPAAll, Sudo, Top, Realname, Mute
    • Better jump
    • Mute: time can be Chinese text
  8. v1.0.3

    • Fixed wrong messages: warp, setwarp
    • Fixed player nametag doesn't vanish
    • Fixed wrong <> and []