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MadPerms - Permissions plugin 1.5

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MadPerms is a in alpha permissions plugin with built in chat management to format your chat. It supports colors with additional prefix and suffix support.

Please note, I'm not responsible for what ever happens to your sever. This plugin is in alpha and I cannot test it all of its functionality.This is just a hobby.

Please give all errors and such in English as this is the only language I know sorry.
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4.40 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. API update

    Get players main group
  2. Bug Fixs

    Bug fixes and ability to stop chat formatting
  3. config update

    Now working with the latest nukkit update. This plugin will be getting rewritten soon.

Latest reviews

Nice plugin.
Eh. It's decent, but still needs a lot of work.
- Nest all commands under "/mp" instead of two different commands...
Ex: "/mp <group|perm> <join|leave|add|group name> <args>"
- Add a "/mp help"
This would be a very good idea... I really don't know how to use either command...
- Add "Usage" tips.
Ex: If you type the command in wrong, it shows you what the command should look like.
This goes along with the previous point's reasoning.
- Etc. Etc. Etc. ;P
После перезагрузки сервера ,все ранги слетают!
the rank are not saving after restarts..
Excellent! Perfect if you need certain permissions for factions or OPs. And the groups/rankings. Pretty simple and works fine.
This is an awesome plugin, I notice the rank are not saving after restarts any fixes?
If you set a rank with the command they reset or the permissions?
Nice :)
why after server restart flies the privilege?
Sorry what do you mean? I've update the plugin it should fix the user ranks being reset.
Take the opportunity to set up a "NameTag" the player and show where the player "[Player] Pub4Game"

Bug with command /ranking add <nick> <group>

Nick should be in lower case
What do you mean by "NameTag"? The accurate names with capitals was due to it auto correcting names. I'll likely fix it when I've got time.
Great plugin, but make a division into 2 plugin MadChat and MadPermission.
That probably would be a good idea.