NDemocracy 1.0

Put the control of the server into your players' hands

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  1. PikyCZ
    Ever wanted to protect your server without the hassle of a Moderation Team? Have you ever had a problem on your server you weren't around to solve? That's where Democracy comes in! It allows the players to decide punishments for others. Someone spamming? No problem! Someone Griefing? Vote a ban against them! Its really just that simple!

    Simply drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder. The config.yml is generated when the server is restarted/reloaded. No other plugins are required!



    /dm help - Display the Help Page
    /dm vote <yes/no> - Vote on the Current Vote
    /dm call <vote> <args> - Call a Vote
    mute <player> <reason> - Mute a Player
    kick <player> <reason> - Kick a Player
    ban <player> <reason> - Ban a Player
    unmute <player> <reason> - Unmute a Player
    unban <player> <reason> - Unban a Player
    /dm cancel - Cancel the Current Vote


    dm.vote - Access to Voting on a Vote
    dm.vote.cancel - Access to Cancel Current Vote
    dm.vote.cancel.own - Access to Cancel Own Vote
    dm.call.mute - Access to Create a Mute Vote
    dm.call.kick - Access to Create a Kick Vote
    dm.call.ban - Access to Create a Ban Vote
    dm.call.unmute - Access to Create a Unmute Vote
    dm.call.unban - Access to Create a Unban Vote
    dm.call.override - Access to Avoid Vote Cooldown
    dm.immune - Immunity from Votes

    This plugin was developed by kNoAPP, modified for nukkit by PikyXoS