Experimental PocketGriefPrevention 2016-10-02

"Huh, this line has errors! Whatever, remove that feature, nobody uses that anyway."

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  1. MrPowerGamerBR
    This is a proof of concept, it has bugs and you shouldn't use this on your production server!

    (Well... I know you are going to use it on your server anyway)


    This is a port of GriefPrevention 8.0.3 to Nukkit.

    Yes, almost every feature doesn't work except the claims feature (because that's the main feature of the plugin)

    It works the same way the original GriefPrevention works, you pick up your golden shovel, click on the upper left corner of your claim and then click on the lower right corner of your claim.

    Almost all commands works, the commands and permissions are the same as the original GriefPrevention.
    Broken features:

    Auto removal of trees.
    Remove players stuck on portals.

    I probably won't fix those features because I'm too lazy/too much work to fix them.

    If you find a bug related to the claims feature, then please tell me!

    I will probably open source it later, so people can fix those broken features.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Renezoros
    Version: 2016-10-02
    sorry, too many mistakes and nothing works right. Open source or bugfix would be nice.