Outdated Push 1.0.0

Keep your players notified using push notifications!

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  1. ProjectInfinity

    Push for Nukkit is a plugin that utilizes the PushBullet API to send push notifications (cleverly called "bullets" in Push) directly to your channel's subscribers' phone and or computer! Neat!

    How it works:

    1. Advertise your channel, have users subscribe to it. Make sure they also have the App on their phone or in their web browser.
    2. Send a push using in-game commands.
    3. They receive it!
    4. Profit!
    Push sends all notifications asynchronously, so it doesn't really affect performance.

    For more information on PushBullet, click here. Remember that the App, channel tag and API access token is necessary for Push to work!

    Permission node: push.send
    /push title <your desired title> - Sets the title of the bullet.
    /push body <your desired body> - Sets the body of the bullet.
    /push type <note or link> - Sets the bullet type to note or link.
    /push link <url when clicking on the push> - Sets the link that will be opened when a user clicks on the notification they get. This option is ONLY valid when the type of the bullet is "link".
    /push send - Sends the bullet.

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