Experimental Regions 0.0.4

Regions, regions, regions!

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  1. Builder commands added :)

    • Added commands:
      • /up <blocks> - create block of glass above the player (in defined distance) and teleport player on this block
      • /set <block>[:<data>] - fill selected area with provided blocks
      • /replace <block1>[:<data>] <block2>[:<data>] - replace all blocks <block1> to <block2> in selected area
      • /undo - undo last edits (of command /set and /replace)
      • /copy - copy selection into clipboard
      • /paste - paste clipboard into player position
      • /region select [id] - select area bounded to regions (only if you're owner of this area)
    • Added flag "EFFECT. You can add effect to region. When player will enter this region he will gain define effect. After leaving the region effects will be cleared. Example: /rg flag EFFECT BLINDNESS:10
    • Optimization and bug-fixing
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