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  1. plaablaa
    Version: Beta0.6
    Good, but please add per world gamemodes
    1. Minecraft Mayhem
      Author's Response
      I am working on many features, a more extensive config is one of them. That is a feature I plan to add, but it may take some time...
  2. Dikshikon
    Version: Beta0.6
    У вас есть программа для тестирования ядра?
    1. Minecraft Mayhem
      Author's Response
      HI, I do not understand what you mean, but if you could go further into depth then I may be able to help you.
  3. MLCCorp
    For Presents in Fun
    Version: 1.5
    pretty good, but need a little more. It would be better if players can only open 1 per day
  4. Bonono63
    Version: 0.1.9
    This was really good the description was a decent description compared to some other plugins
  5. KinoZuke
    Version: Dev
    I Like It :D