Experimental RsAuto 1.3.5

Позволяет игрокам регистрироватся на сервере!

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  1. zmdd

    • плагин позволяющий игрокам регистрироваться на вашем сервере! Это очень полезно!
      -It can let the players without the need to enter the instruction, you can verify themselves
    This is the lead plug-in, without it, RsAuto will not be able to run
    Download: http://www.mcbbs.net/forum.php?mod=...iNGNhYTlhfDE0NTc2ODk2Mzh8MjEyMDI5fDU1MTIyNw==

    How to use it?

    -Join the Server
    -Input verification code
    -Enter the password on both sides
    -Go to Play and have a good time
    -Join the Server
    -Enter the password
    -Go to Play and have a good time

    Update Record
    1.0--Complete the plugin, but only support Chinese
    1.1--Add language configuration file, you can modify it, to get the effect
    you want. The default language is English.
    1.2--Can to Use
    1.3 more language

    -Because I am a Chinese, and my foreign language is not very good.
    My plugin the first will support the Chinese, I hope to get understanding, I feel very sorry for this
    You can learn more about the: http://www.mcbbs.net/thread-551844-1-1.html
    My Github: https://github.com/Rlxzmdd/RsPlugins
    Welcome to perfect it
    ToDo List:
    1.4--Add mysql & DB

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  1. Artscince
    Version: 1.3.5
  2. RussianBigBoss
    Version: 1.3.3
    Не работает
  3. fromgate
    Version: 1.1
    Great! That what we need!
    I'm working on authorisation plugin too, but you was faster :)
    1. zmdd
      Author's Response
      After all, I was in contact with the Nukkit two months ago. : D