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More language for your server

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  1. zmdd
    It can help developers to better realize the multi language,
    And it provides some events.
    For example:

    /language XXX

    • Change Language

    public class Lang implements Rs.Plugin.Function.Lang {
    public File getfile() {
    return new
    File("plugins/XXXX/").getAbsoluteFile() ;
    //"XXXX" is you plugin name

    String lang = new Rs.Plugin.Function.LangSend(new Lang).getMsg("XXXX");
    You need to put a file in the resource file, the file name: en.json
    And the documents should be written.

    "XXXX": "Your xxx"

    If you export the “lang” variable
    This will be: "Your xxx"

    Then, if you add a zh.json to your resource folder
    Write on it

    "XXXX": "HHHHH"

    And you enter the command /language zh(or your ip come from china
    Will output "HHHHH"

    my github:
    (English is not good, please do not mind
    ToDo List:
    more Event

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