SaveMyInventory 0.1 Final

Saving your inventory if you die <3

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  1. SDIR01
    [ SaveMyInventory ]

    SaveMyInventory - Recoded version of xKeepInventory with more stable code and more functions to use. If you die your inventory and experience will be saved.

    // Commands

    If you need to view information about plugin, use /smi,/inventory,/savemyinventory.
    That commands have arguments:
    • /smi reload or rl - Reloading configuration
    • /smi reload -save - Saving and reloading configuration
    • /smi permission or perm "permission-name" - Set special permission for player inventory keeping
    • /smi enable/disable - For fast enabling/disabling plugin

    // Permissions

    • savemyinventory.admin - Permission to grant all access to /smi commands. [Default: OP]
    ToDo List:
    // Enable and disable function for experience and inventory saving
    Former Author:
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