ShowInfo 1.0.0

Show informoation to players

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  1. DeBe
    Show information to players.
    Player can toggle "receive information" by command
    You can edit information format in "Nukkit/plugins/ShowInfo/Format.txt"
    This plugin support [Replacement value]

    Replacement value

    • Players
      • Count of players in server
    • MaxPlayers
      • Player limit of server
    • Player
      • Player's name
    • iPlayer
      • Player's name to lowercase
    • DisplayName
      • Player's display name
    • NameTag
      • Player's name tag
    • Health
      • Player's health
    • MaxHealth
      • Player's max health
    • HealthPercentage
      • Player's health percentage
      • ex) {HEALTHPERCENTAGE}% -> 100%
    • X
      • Player's x coordinate
    • Y
      • Player's y coordinate
    • Z
      • Player's z coordinate
    • World
      • Player's world name
    • WorldFolder
      • Player's world's forler name
    • ItemID
      • Item ID of item in player hand
    • ItemDamage
      • Item damage of item in player hand
    • ItemName
      • Item name of item in player hand
    • Money
      • Player's money
      • EconomyAPI or Economy-LEET need
        if not load economy plugin, It is displayed "-"
    • Rank
      • Player's money rank
      • EconomyAPI or Economy-LEET need
        if not load economy plugin, It is displayed "-"

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    I HAVE BAD ENGLISH - Sorry :)
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