Smiley 0.0.3

Смайлики для чата

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We welcome you on our site. This site is devoted to the Nukkit project and all that is connected with him. Here you can communicate, download plugins, also many other things get acquainted! Register the account right now :3
To configure plugin you must edit file config.yml. Smiley list are saved at file smiley.yml
console: true   # allows to use smileys at console
commands: true   # allows to use smileys at commands
colors: true   # use colored smileys (if false - all colors will be removed)
enable-smileys: true  # enable smiley on signs
colored-smileys: false  # enable color for sing-smileys
default-chat-color: '&f'  # default chat color
language: english  # current language (russian is built-in)
language-save: true  # if true language will be saved as *.lng file
debug-mode: false  # don't touch it

':cloud:': '&b☁'
':bio:': '&5☣'
':rmb:': '&6❖'
':food:': '&a♨'
':umbrella:': '&3☂'
':moonr:': '&a☽ '
':star:': '&e☀'
:-): '&6☻'
:D: '&6☻'
':snowman:': '&f☃'
:(: '&c☹'
:): '&6☺'
:-(: '&c☹'
;): '&6㋡'
':sun:': '&6☼'
':ship:': '&3☸'
':moon:': '&a☾'
;\: '&6㋡'
':cccp:': '&c☭'
':nuke:': '&6☢'
':death:': '&4☠'
':peace:': '&e☮'