Experimental Universal Beta0.6

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Universal- Beta0.6
The fastest, most lightweight World Management System!
  • World Creation (Nether, Flat, and Normal)
  • World Loading
  • World Unloading
  • List All Worlds
  • **NEW** Set world spawn command
  • **NEW** Customizable command messages
  • More coming in the Alpha release...
ToDo List
To Do:
  • Set world spawn command (Completed in Beta0.6)
  • Config File (In Progress, First Edition added Beta0.6)
  • Per world Permissions
  • Universal API
  • Economy Support
  • Translations (Spanish, Chinese, etc.)
  • World Attribute Sharing
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Minecraft Mayhem
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Latest reviews

Pls add permissions for /unitp and add end generator ;D
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
Unitp has a permission


End cannot be generated due to limitations in Nukkit
Good, but wait for the nether world :/ And trying to get one result a copy of my current world with bugs.
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
Nether Now works!!!!
Awesome plugin! Thank you :)
Still works with 1.26 mcpe
Good job, bro. Cool.
nice plugin
how to make a nether world? if is possible.
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
Nether now works!!!!!
Good, but please add per world gamemodes
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
I am working on many features, a more extensive config is one of them. That is a feature I plan to add, but it may take some time...
У вас есть программа для тестирования ядра?
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
HI, I do not understand what you mean, but if you could go further into depth then I may be able to help you.
Good job :)
Minecraft Mayhem
Minecraft Mayhem
Thank you! I try my best. How can I get a developer ranking and get my plugin featured?