Experimental Universal Beta0.6

The fastest, most lightweight World Management System (Needed by all servers)!

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Universal Configuration File v1.0 by BalloonChamp.
The Universal plugin was made by BalloonChamp. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2017.
If you have paid for this plugin, please request a refund immediately and download free from:
This config will modify the messages in which are returned when executing a Universal command.
Note: Please delete the Universal directory in the plugins folder whenever you update the Universal plugin;
If you don't, the plugin may not work correctly
%world% - Will be replaced with the world in question whenever used. This can only be used in the lines that
have %world% on it as the default
The Money sign ($) followed by a letter will color the following text.
Ex: $4Hi, sup - Will print the sentence 'Hi, Sup' in dark red
Any questions? VIsit http://forums.voxelwind.com/resources/universal.124/

On with the config!
unitp-success: $dYou have been teleported to $f%world%.
unitp-error-1: $bPlease type the name of the world you want to teleport to.
unitp-error-2: $cWorld &f%world% $cdoes not exist.
unitp-help: $d/unitp {worldname} - $7Teleport to a different world.

%type% - Will be replaced with the type of world it is (infinite, flat, or nether)
unigen-success: $bWorld $f%world%, $bType $f%type% $bhas been generated successfully!
unigen-error-1: $cCommand Usage - $b/unigen {worldname} OPTIONAL:[infinite|flat|nether]
unigen-error-2: $cWorld $f%world% $chas already been generated. Please use a different name for your new world.
unigen-error-3: $2Generating World $f%world%$2...
unigen-help: $d/unigen {worldname} OPTIONAL-[infinite|flat|nether] - $7Generates a new infinite default world.

uniunload-success-1: $2Unloading World $f%world&2...
uniunload-success-2: $bWorld $f%world% $bhas been unloaded successfully!
uniunload-error-1: $cNext time, please type the name of the world you would like to unload.
uniunload-error-2: $cWorld $f%world% $7has not been unloaded. You cannot unload a world that has not been loaded...
uniunload-help: $d/uniunload {worldname} - $7Unloads an already created world.

uniload-success-1: $2Loading World $f%world%.
uniload-success-2: $bWorld $f%world% $bhas been loaded successfully!
uniload-error-1: $cNext time, please type the name of the world you would like to load.
uniload-error-2: $cWorld $f%world% $7chas not been loaded. You cannot unload a world that has not been loaded...
uniload-help: $d/uniload {worldname} - $7Loads an already created world.

uniss-success: $bWorld spawn set!
uniss-error: $cThis command cannot be executed from the console.
uniss-help: $d/uniss - $7Sets the spawn location for the current world at your coordinates.