Experimental Universal Beta0.6

The fastest, most lightweight World Management System (Needed by all servers)!

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We welcome you on our site. This site is devoted to the Nukkit project and all that is connected with him. Here you can communicate, download plugins, also many other things get acquainted! Register the account right now :3
====Universal Commands====
/uni - Shows a list of All Universal Commands.
/unilist - Shows a list of All Universal Commands.
/unitp {worldname} - Teleport to a different world.
/unigen {worldname} OPTIONAL:[infinite|flat|nether] - Generates a new infinite default world.
/uniload {worldname} - Loads an already created world.
/uniunload {worldname} - Unloads an already created world.

NEW** /uniss - Sets the spawn location for the current world at your coordinates.