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Discussion in 'Разработка плагинов' started by hmhmmhm, 26/4/16.

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  1. hmhmmhm

    hmhmmhm Developer

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    I'm finished my project about Account Share Plugin.
    But it's need a little(or huge) fix for english typo.
    It actually maded for about korean peoples, But i want share it.
    (Cause I did spend a lot of time to develop it this, and i think if i share it so would be more development this project.)

    The plugin name is ParfaitAuth, and this plugin is can share users data
    (like a nbt, item, nickname) with using MongoDBLib Plugin.
    also authification process is all asynchronized, and it's processing real time.


    First of all, ParfaitAuth user authification process having 1 step (actually it's 3)

    [Authification Steps]

    1. If player connected, Server authomaticall giving random nickname like a *Adanda_0
    [Actually Steps]

    1. Player Connected Using nickname like a 'hmhmmhm'
    2. Authomatically Player nickname has changed like a 'unauthorized_0'
      (async) ParfaitAuth trying to check already exist player ID account (using player UUID)
    3. If found id account player loggin allow and change account setted nickname.
    4. if not found id account, create uuid account, and giving random nickname.
    User data & server data is stored in this format. ) e.g

    I'm programmed ParfaitAuth to looks like a API, it also included many static method
    and singleton instance, I think it will be help some like want build distributed server.

    You can share nbt data(user item, health, experience status) using ParfaitAuth,
    (It means you can operating more server without account problem)

    Anyway if you have more questing please reply,
    I also would appreciate if help improve English message file spelling :p...
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