Commitoring #2: Latest comments news


Commitoring #2: Latest comments news
After the previous spontaneous "commitoring", I thought it would be nice to make it regular.

First, it will allow me to always be in touch with nukkit API and I will be able to release update for my plugins (if required) or even create new plugins using new features;
And secondly, I think that it will be useful to others - by same reason​

What's new?
  • Added methods for playing sound and particle effects into Player class;
  • Added ability to create custom enchantments;
  • Note block added;
  • Fixed lot of bugs - bugs are fixed and wiped so I will not describe them all :)

By the way, I noticed new contributor from our community! @xpyctum Good job and good luck to you :)
And of cause @pub4game continued his work of creative inventory.​
In addition I want to tell about one discussion on the GitHub (It may be reason to remove Position class)​
We know that Nukkit is a "translation" of PocketMine from php to Java. And according to this fact it contains some inconvenient things, that could made life of plugin developer harder.

Now we have three ways to define coordinate of point. There are three classes: Vector3, Position and Location.
And there are two ways to point block coordinates - Position and Blocks.
I think, this set of classes - is redundant and could lead to confusion. Now this code will be modified. I hope :)