Commitoring #4: Ooops, I break your plugins!

Discussion in 'Nukkit discussions and help' started by fromgate, 1/2/16.

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    Commitoring #4: Ooops, I break your plugins!

    There not much time have passed since the previous commitoring. But there are some important changes, so I need to inform you about it.

    I have an ulterior motive to bring Dinnerbone's words into title. Using this phrase he informed about bukkit API changes that could "break plugins", compiled against previous API version.
    Today, after Nukkit API changing (setNested/getNested methods removed from Config class), I have recompiled some of my plugins. And I think you must check yours.

    But there are another notable changes. Developers has recreated the default generator: now can find beaches on the seaside and rivers on the dry land.

    By the way, sometime before I wrote that nukkit is includes some features related to upcoming version 0.14.0. Today I noticed another feature: chest and TNT minecarts are included into nukkit.

    Finally, @pub4game added mushroom blocks. I wonder if they are already included into the generator or not?

    And I have great pleasure to note, that @BeYkeRYkt, known at bukkit community for his great plugins, first steps to implement the mobs. It is possible that with his light hand, nukkit

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