Commitoring #5: Lunar and new :)


Because of the celebration of the Lunar New Year developing Nukkit got some lull, so we can discuss the latest changes calmly.
By the way, Mojang has released a MCPE 0.13.2 to celebrate the holidays :)

Released version is not compatible with Nukkit server, that uses network protocol 0.13.1. Someone tried to fix this issue - pull request was made, but this request was not included to "official" nukkit. So I made a plugin AnyVersion that could temporary can fix this issue. It works fine for my Minecraft Windows 10 Edtion 0.13.2, but it not working with beta-builds of MCPE 0.14.0.
You can try modified version of nukkit uploaded by @DevID. But this version is unofficial and there no warranty that it will work fine.

Let's talk about changes since previous Commitoring:

There's no huge changes, but there are some useful addition and fixes:
  • Skull was added! Skull did not supports textures (like PC-version) but it relates to limitation of the Minecraft Pocket Edition client.
  • Added method that returns block where player looking (getTargetBlock) and.. it now working right according to my humble bug-fix ;)
  • Looks like developers going to add i18n API for plugins: now player have additional field "locale". I think this feature will be really useful - plugins will be able to determine player's language and show translated message to him.
  • Fixed one of oldest bug - there was impossible to add custom name to item.
  • More bugs fixed

There is another important point that I would like to note: this is a pretty hot debate that flared up around the changes of block-classes names. Developers renamed all blocks according to rule Block<MaterialName> (BlockStone, BlockRedstone, etc) and all items to Item<MaterialName>. This rename does not all been adopted with enthusiasm. During the discussion was suggested to implement something like bukkit-model - Material class for defining both Blocks and Items in one place. Apparently, developers appreciates this suggestion and I hope it will be implemented soon.
And very importantly, developers have offered to discuss the development of the API (previously all discussions happened spontaneously), creating an place to discuss on github.