Nukkit.IO is no more. Asking Permission From All Devs.


Nukkit Coders Team
You could at least mention the original authors. I believe that such thoughtless copying can be subject to a legal action. I wouldn't go through such a hassle myself, for just a piece of my crappy code, but you should take note.


As most of you know, We are now using Nukkitx for the latest developments.

Changes to Domain and Important Update For Developers

New Website
Please Note that your old login from will remain working. No Need to make a new account.

Jenkins Server Domain Has Also Been Updated

Starting Today 1/26/2018
We will only be accepting Nukkitx plugins in our resource area. You may want to know why we are doing this. Well here are a few reason why.
  • Easier for developers to troubleshoot any issues
  • Keeping all servers up-to-date
  • Nukkitx uses a different API
There are more reason but I won't add them all here.