Plugin Request: SafeZone


/safezone create <X start> <Z start> <X end> <Z end>
Creates a "safe zone" where PvP is not allowed and blocks cannot be broken except by ops. Identical to spawn-protection area. Each newly created "safe zone" is given a sequential ID number. Y axis should be ignored (all Y axis within "safe zone" protected).

No need to check if new "safe zone" overlaps old ones because this would not cause problems.

/safezone list
Lists each created "safe zone":

<ID> <X start> <Z start> to <X end> <Z end>
1 253 150 to 263 160
2 1500 150 to 1600 250

/safezone delete <ID #>
This would be incredibly useful for server admins to have a number of warp areas where players could travel to and not immediately die due to campers. These warp areas could have a nice admin-built building. Then the player could walk outside the safe zone and build/PvP. Incredibly useful for large Survival worlds.

Another example of use would be a shop area. Players could safely use shop signs without being killed by PvP.


Good idea for plugin!

I'm no working on regions plugins (somehting like worldguard), I think I can add this feature to it.


Sounds good! WorldGuard was always "almost" able to do what I am requesting; but has been broken for so long with newer PocketMine.

Anyway, I look forward to testing your regions plugin! The key is to support both PvP and build/destruction protection.


Hi you have plugin WorldProtect and plugin Lobby Nukkit ?
help !