[REQUEST]Always-Up Food Bar

Discussion in 'Разработка плагинов' started by Aypifox, 12/5/16.

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  1. Aypifox

    Aypifox Пользователь

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    Hey! i hope you will understand! :)

    i only want a plugin who will let the Food bar always full :3

    hope its possibe
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  2. Tee7even

    Tee7even Nukkit Coders Team

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    Hi! I've made this plugin a couple of weeks ago, when I saw this thread. But it's functionality is so basic, so I didn't want to upload it, I thought I can make a pull request for Nukkit to include these commands. I think, I will do it some day, but for now you can use this plugin. I won't publish it in resources here nor at official site, since it's not ideal. It has two commands: /hunger [on/off] and /sethunger <hungerlevel>.

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