SequinLand - Nukkit fork that adds some new and fancy features to Nukkit!



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A Nukkit fork that aims to add new and pretty features to Nukkit! (And sometimes pushes the changes to upstream )

SequinLand is a Nukkit fork that aims to add new and pretty features to Nukkit.

We try to improve the "Nukkit experience" by improving the "vanilla Nukkit" with new fixes, features and other stuff.

Most of the "fixes, features and other stuff" are from PocketMine-MP and it's forks/spoons, but we also try to improve SequinLand by adding new and unseen features. (and also provide fixes for Nukkit)

Of course, kudos to everyone and anyone that helped Nukkit to become what it is today, without them, Nukkit probably wouldn't even exist.

When a feature is considered "stable", the feature is pushed to upstream as a pull request.

Why fork Nukkit?
SequinLand was forked because of the fact that upstream does not accept many contributions that are intended to better the ecosystem. Simply put, SequinLand aims to better the ecosystem by allowing changes to be exposed to a wider audience more quickly.

SequinLand will still track upstream Nukkit and merge changes as needed.

Servers using SequinLand
None yet!

Get SequinLand

Build JAR file
  • git submodule update --init
  • mvn clean
  • mvn package


Also, I should say some things about the project:

1. SequinLand does NOT steal Nukkit's source and change the copyright headers to something else and say "nope, I did this" (like some other Nukkit fork that done that... (at least that fork is dead now)), I ONLY remove the copyright headers when I 100% redone the class myself.

2. Nukkit plugins does work with SequinLand, HOWEVER I may break/remove some older APIs from Nukkit because Nukkit has a tons of deprecated methods or bad APIs that should be removed a long time ago but wasn't removed to keep "API compatibility". (Come on, PocketMine-MP API is already on 3.0.0-ALPHA2 while Nukkit is still on 1.0.0 since 2015!)

3. I forked Nukkit because I was trying to find a good Minecraft Pocket Edition server software for my upcoming Survival server, PocketMine-MP is good but it uses PHP (and I don't like PHP... it just feels... "bad" when I try to use it.), MiNET is good but it is in C# (doesn't work in Linux) and it is more focused on Minigames/PvP servers (and I wanted something for Survival), Voxelwind (by @fromgate) seems a very promising server software, but as of now you can't use it to create a public server (unless if your server is just a flat grass terrain with nothing going on) and there is Nukkit (works but development speed is waaay too slow).

So, after trying to learn PHP to create plugins for PocketMine-MP (and missing good libraries like Gson, Morphia + MongoDB driver, Apache Commons...) I said "fuck it, I will fork Nukkit and I will make it the best Minecraft Pocket Edition server in Java".

Also, I accept any pull request (as long as it does work of course) on my fork repo, so, do you have any fix or improvement you want to make for Nukkit? Then go ahead and do a pull request!

You may be thinking "why this JAR is soooo huge compared to the original Nukkit JAR?", well, for a few reasons: I updated all the libraries to the latest version (to not use obsolete libraries versions) and my fork also includes SQLite/MySQL dependencies out of the box (so you don't need to use DbLib with SequinLand! But if you want to use it, that's ok too ;) )

(And... yeah, I know, it is a strange name, I'm not creative with names so I always name my projects after something that I like, in this case, Sequin Land from the Shantae series)


why? :/ It is so bad?
Nukkit is unmaintained, I'm not going to bother to update something that is messy and doesn't even has active maintainers.

I'm way better off developing a server software from scratch than maintaining Nukkit.

why removed?
Because I'm not developing it anymore, and I never updated my fork past 1.0.3. (because, as I said above, I'm not using Nukkit anymore)