Voxelwind: The new life of Nukkit.Ru

Discussion in 'Объявления' started by fromgate, 27/1/17.

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  1. fromgate

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    As you may know, Nukkit.Ru team took responsibility for the development of the Voxelwind project.

    We did it because we like Voxelwind. We like ideas of Tux — the founder of Voxelwind. And we believe that this project is the most promising MCPE server software.

    Voxelwind is a new project for all of us and we need some time before telling about our plans.

    But first of all I want to mention a few important things:
    • Voxelwind will be free free software under the MIT license.
    • We like the concept of the project and we will try to work according this concept.
    • We are aware of the amount of work so we welcome everyone who wants to join us and any help, every line of code and every advice are greatly appreciated.

    We need time to take control of the situation, but we will try to keep you informed.

    fromgate on behalf of Voxelwind team
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  2. RubenOliveira8

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    how i download the server jar file to run it

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