Where to Download Nukkit


Source code of Nukkit could be found on github: https://github.com/Nukkit/Nukkit

You can download Nukkit from Jenkins (latest stable link available at sidebar of this forum): http://ci.mengcraft.com:8080/job/nukkit/
Also you can try Circle CI: https://circleci.com/gh/Nukkit/Nukkit/tree/master/

Here is chat related to Nukkit: https://gitter.im/Nukkit/Nukkit

Plugins for Nukkit (you can upload your own plugins too) could be found here: http://plugins.nukkit.ru

And you are welcome to discuss about Nukkit here :)


Yep .. I'm happy with this so far. I am the owner of Kidzzone.ca and MCPEclub.com I will be using this to develop MCPEclub i will keep checking back. I love that redstone was one of the first things implemented from the start. Great to see!! Also java is far better in my mind then php for gaming..


Just download the jar from the Jenkins server then make sure you have java 8 installed. After that type java -jar nukkit.jar